SERVICESRadio Frequency
Welding Services
Industrial Sewing
PortfoliosRF Welding (Heat Sealing) & Sewing Services, Building
Fabric Panels for Large Area
Maintenance Structures
to OEM Customer Specifications
RF Welded & Sewn Urethane or PVC Surgical Positioning Device for the Medical Industry Contract Luxury Mattress
Manufacturing for the
Hospitality Industry
Radio Frequency Welding
of inflatable PVC, Radar
Reflective Navy Target
Balloon for Military
RF Sealing of PVC Catheter
Bag for the Medical Industry
Industrial Sewing of Webbing
Straps for the Military &
Private Industry
RF Welded Urethane Inflatable AirBeam® for Military &
ISO 9001:2008 CompliantCCRBerry AmendmentFDA Class1MIL 1 45208

APPF, Inc. Specializes in Custom Radio Frequency Welding and Industrial Sewing

APPF, Inc. is an experienced government contractor specializing in radio frequency welding and industrial sewing of products made from PVC and urethane film, sheeting, and nylon & polyester webbing. These products are used in MEDICAL, MILITARY, AEROSPACE and CONSUMER INDUSTRIES.